Control Your Retail Cash.

For a business to be successful and profit making, cash control must be at the forefront of every business decision. When retailers lack control over their cash the expansion of their business will only serve to amplify and further ferment root cash problems. Retailers suffering from poor cash control frequently confront the “red flag” trend of cash shortages and/or cash overages that are unanticipated and inconsistent.

Controlling Your Retail Cash

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At TRC our Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) exception-based reporting enables the retailer to:

  • Highlight unusual activity amongst staff members.
  • Track and Monitor suspect behaviour at the point of sale (POS).
  • Record steps of action against staff members.
  • Have clear views into cash leakage, by tracking dates and times.  These dates and times can be directly linked to employees.
  • Measure the accuracy of cash declaration facilities to help identify corruption.

TRC enhance visibility in the retail sector so that your cash will be consistently and accurately controlled and tracked at all times.

Download the Controlling Your Retail Cash KPI Report

The Controlling Your Retail Cash KPI Report is formulated to be used directly by management that are responsible for ensuring each euro/dollar/pound is allocated to a transaction like Cash Office Management and Financial Control Departments.

The report provides an insight on how these reports, combined with precise, accurate and reliable EPOS technology can enrich a retailer’s cash management capabilities. This reporting ultimately results in an immediate increase in profitability and efficiency through reduced fraud and error.

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